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Conscious Capitalism

Whole Foods. Costco. Patagonia. Trader Joe’s. REI. Wegmans. L.L. Bean. The Container Store. Starbucks and Southwest Airlines. What do these companies all have in common? Among running highly profitable and successful companies, they also have happier, healthier, and more fulfilled and productive employees. All of these companies promote the four tenets of “conscious capitalism.”At the REMii Group, our advisors are committed to self-improvement, in addition to the ongoing financial training provided by the firm and its leadership. Our associates and employees are encouraged to read books, attend seminars, and are required to become certified in REMii Group S.M.A.R.T. Strategies — Strategies to Maximize Assets while Reducing Taxes. But we also believe that profit, although very important to the growth of our firm should also come with a greater purpose. The REMii Group DNA is comprised of the four tenets of conscious capitalism. These tenets are defined best by John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, who outlines his vision for business in his book, Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business.

Higher Purpose

The purpose of the REMii Group is to strengthen businesses and improve the lives of their employees and their families by providing the highest level of financial literacy and superior financial products to those businesses, their employees and their families. We believe that by strengthening businesses, and helping to educate families with financial literacy, we can also help strengthen their communities and society as a whole. The ultimate purpose of the REMii Group is to change the world through financial literacy.

Stakeholders Integration

The REMii Group actively seeks to strengthen the companies that we do business with, so that they too can serve their employees and stakeholders, and help us fulfill our ultimate purpose.

Conscious Leadership

We look to attract companies, partners, trusted advisors, employees and associates that also look to support the four tenets of conscious capitalism. The REMii Group today is employee and associate-owned. We will never become publicly traded—which we feel can be a conflict of interest to the advice given by many financial services, insurance, or advisory firms.

Conscious Culture and Management

The leadership of the REMii Group—while growing the firm to become the largest financial literacy company in the world is constantly reaffirming our commitment to improve the lives of our advisors and employees. Our leadership has an ongoing commitment to supporting conscious capitalism and building a culture of ethics, integrity and purpose over profits. At the same time we support firms that also believe in improving and protecting the envoirnment.The DNA of the REMii Group today is conscious capitalism—which means improving the lives of all mankind and the environment, and 1000 years in the future, we will be committed to that same purpose.

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